Who Plays Justin In ‘Spinning Out’? Evan Roderick Heats Up The Ice

Sun Valley, the Idaho ski resort town at the center of the new Netflix series Spinning Out, seems like a pretty cold place. Winter sports dominate the social scene, which makes sense with the snow and ice everywhere. But, even with the frigid temperatures, there’s one element of the series that really heats it up. Justin in Spinning Out brings a steamy element to the show, and a lot of that is thanks to Evan Roderick, the talented actor who plays him.

Roderick’s character Justin is the ultimate bad boy with a soft side, and is there anything dreamier than that? Justin’s dad owns the big resort in town, so Justin has a whole lot of wealth to flaunt. And flaunt it he does. Justin is a big partier and an even bigger ladies man. But, Justin is also a talented figure skater who’s dealing with a lot of inner turmoil. When he teams up with Kat Baker (Kaya Scodelario) for partner skating, his tough outer shell begins to crack and sparks start to fly between the two skaters.

Roderick explained his character to Fansided, saying, “Justin is an extremely talented pairs figure skater. He’s an Olympic hopeful. His downside is that he’s a bit of a party guy with a penchant for having too much fun. However, I think he’s misunderstood and there’s more to him than his boisterous, carefree attitude.”

Luckily for Roderick, the ice is not unfamiliar territory for him. He played hockey for years, so he’s spent plenty of time skating. But, learning to figure skate for Spinning Out brought some new challenges. “Figure skating is completely different,” Roderick told Fansided. “I basically had to learn to skate all over again. The balance of the blades was very hard to get used to, not to mention there’s a toe pick on figure skates … Took me a few face plants to figure that one out.”

Roderick is a relative newcomer. His biggest project before Spinning Out was a recurring role as Officer Nick Anastas on Arrow. But if you missed him on Arrowand are still looking for more of Roderick, you can check out his Instagram. He posted lots of behind-the-scenes snapshots from when he was working on Spinning Out, as well as lots of cool black and white photos. He’s definitely a star on the rise, so his Instagram is one you’ll want to flip through in between episodes.

Season 1 of Spinning Out is available on Netflix now.

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